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Coming soon...

Sirius - Long awaited documentary about the research and discoveries that Steven Greer has uncovered over the past decade. It's going to show some stunning evidence for the reality of ET visitation but also deeply explore the free energy angle of the subject and the technologies that have been discovered as a result.

The Montauk Chronicles - A trippy documentary about UFOs, abduction, paranoia and conspiracies. Was supposed to be released in summer 2010, but appears to be delayed (Maybe even dead in the water)

Gawd Bless America - A documentary film looking at the more unusual/ott angles of the UFO subject. Definitely looks like it is set to take the mick. From the trailer it is clear that the film maker has not looked into the real serious evidence for the reality of UFOs and instead concentrates on the aspects he can easily dismiss or ridicule, so this should prove to be an excellent example of the blind scepticism shown by many people towards the subject, as well as no doubt being very amusing in places.

Already out

Secret Access - UFOs On The Record - Excellent new documentary featuring some stunning UFO cases and evidence.

The Truth Is Out There - Dean Hagland (the actor who played one of the Lone Gunmen from the X-Files) goes on a worldwide exploration of conspiracy theories in search of the truth.

Flying Saucers Are Real - The official word on the UFO subject from highly renowned ufologist Stanton Friedman. Across two volumes he provides some startling evidence and logical arguments in favour of the reality of UFOs.

I Know What I Saw - The unofficial sequel to Out Of The Blue. Based around a press conference held at the end of 2008, where Jamie Fox got together some of the worlds most impressive and high ranking UFO witnesses to speak in front of the cameras. Featuring some of the most incredible UFO cases ever, this is absolutely essential viewing and possibly the greatest UFO documentary ever made.

The Day Before Disclosure - An excellent documentary covering UFOs from the 1940s through to the present day, and speculating on what may happen when the reality of UFOs is disclosed. Features some incredible sightings, some of which you may well have not heard of before.

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied - A very well made all-encompassing documentary, taking in many aspects of the UFO subject.

Out Of The Blue - Another stunning documentary looking into UFOs in depth. Features some great testimonial evidence and reconstruction footage.

Fastwalkers - A fantastic documentary containing a lot of high quality testimonial evidence.

The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun - All about the infamous satellite tether incident and other UFO footage captured in space.

The Alien Interview - Documentary about the alleged footage of a living alien being smuggled out of Area 51

The John Searl Story - An award winning documentary all about Professor John Searl and his invention, the Searl Effect Generator, a possible source of free energy which also displays anti-gravity properties. If utilised to its full potential this device could solve the world's energy problems!

Secret Space - A great documentary focusing on the involvement of NASA and the Illuminati in the space program and how it links with the UFO reality.

The Journey - Documentary all about the UFO sightings of Anthony Woods and the various videos he has managed to capture.

Phoenix Lights X - Good program on the Phoenix Lights incident with many interviews of witnesses

Interstellar - Another documentary by Jose Escamilla, showing what appears to be large unknown spacecraft in deep space.

Moon Rising - The follow up to UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied, all about secrets NASA are keeping about the moon

What On Earth: Inside The Crop Circle Mystery - A well made documentary on the crop formation phenomena, probably the best on this angle of the subject.

Seeing Is Believing - Another decent documentary on the UFO subject which has been around a while but contains some superb evidence.

UFOs It Has Begun - A groundbreaking 1950s UFO documentary that was fully endorsed by the American Air Force and NASA. The original title for this was UFOs Past Present and Future. It was to aid in planned disclosure of the ET reality and according to the director was originally going to feature a full colour video of an ET landing and meeting at Holloman Air Force Base. Unfortunately the Air Force never went through with their promise of handing over the footage. However the landing is still discussed in detail as a "hypothetical" scenario. It is also believed to feature several seconds of genuine footage showing the craft at a distance. While it understandably shows its age, what is immediately striking about the documentary is how positive towards reality of the subject it is, there are very few sceptical arguments included.

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